Infrastructure Solution (Wired and Wireless)

United Technologies L.L.C is a leading provider of IT Infrastructure Services. Our services are engineered to improve your existing IT Infrastructure and help you align your business objectives with IT strategies.With our extensive industry expertise and best practices with global clients,  we will make your business stronger and enhance your business processes.

Fiber Optic

Using a Fiber Optic Solution provides high bandwidth and allows for increased capacity for data transmission. Warehouses or large businesses with distance sensitive needs can be overcome with fiber optic solution to connect your network with a clean, stable connection. We can provide Ethernet to Fiber converters, single mode, and multi-mode fiber connections to your business.


Typical network cabling installation for most businesses using any variety of Cat 3 to Cat 7 enhanced cabling. Most of this type of cable is for voice and data use. We test all of our installation to ensure you are receiving the highest quality connections. We can provide printout of testing results for your records. All cabling is labeled and tested every time for easy adds, moves or changes.

• Cat 3, Cat5e, Cat6 cable
• Phone/data Jacks
• Patch panels
• Data Racks
• Ladder Racks