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By Stephen A. Dupree, Stanley K. Fraley

In quantity 1, A Monte Carlo Primer - a pragmatic method of Radiation shipping (the "Primer"), we strive to supply an easy, handy, and step by step method of the improvement, easy figuring out, and use of Monte Carlo equipment in radiation shipping. utilizing the computer, the Primer starts off via constructing simple Monte Carlo codes to unravel uncomplicated delivery difficulties, then introduces a educating software, the Probabilistic Framework Code (PFC), as a customary platform for assembling, trying out, and executing a number of the Monte Carlo recommendations which are awarded. This moment quantity makes an attempt to proceed this procedure by utilizing either customized Monte Carlo codes and PFC to use the ideas defined within the Primer to acquire suggestions to the routines given on the finish of every bankruptcy within the Primer. a comparatively modest variety of workouts is integrated within the Primer. a few ambiguity is left within the assertion of the various routines as the motive isn't to have the consumer write a specific, uniquely right piece of coding that produces a particular quantity hence, yet really to motivate the consumer to contemplate the issues and improve additional the ideas defined within the textual content. simply because normally there's a couple of strategy to clear up a Monte Carlo shipping challenge, we think that operating with the techniques illustrated via the routines is extra vital than acquiring someone specific solution.

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Table 3. I. 1 OCUBLE PRECISICN fltm nrrax = 10000 sum = o. sumsq = O. signet = 1. CAT (nrrax) ) WRITE(*, *) sum, sig SIDP END Discussion 3. Monte Carlo Modeling of Neutron Transport 29 An alternative approach to this problem involves deriving the pdf for the exponential distribution from first principles. The probability dP that a neutron will travel a distance x without suffering a collision in a uniform, homogeneous material with a macroscopic total cross section L(, and then will experience a collision in dx about x is The probability dP is the product ofLh which is the probability per unit path length of a neutron experiencing a collision in the material in question; times the path length dx; times eoE(x, which is the probability that the neutron will reach the point x without suffering a collision.

User set the energ'j very high or the target II'dSS very large so the proolem is unrealistic .. cles END CO Locp oJer Energy TALLY = TAlLY "+ NSCAT: TALLYSQ = TALLYSQ + NSCA7**2 ! bel"" cutoff, tally particle END CO Locp Over Particles ! N StDev = SOU, (XCD12-XCDL**2) IN); FSD=StDevIXCOL WRITE i • , *) , ~1ean nurrber of collisions to 0:1 cutof E = ',XCOL WRITE (. , ' ) ' Standard deviation = I , StDev WRITE (', ' ) ' Fractional standard deviation = I, FSD G) TO 4 END Although in a "real" application it is unlikely that the anomaly evinced in this exercise would occur, this problem illustrates one way in which a user 4.

3 for the variance of a binomial distribution is apparent. A revised computer program for solving EXHmpll! 3. 2P. 45P. a == I. 4. All of the results shown here are based on 106 start particles in order to obtain accurate estimates for a. For comparison purposes, both the standard deviations that would be obtained by assuming a binomial distribution and those that would be obtained assuming counting statistics (the square root of the number of counts) are presented. 14, with the largest value being obtained ncar the source and the smallest value occurring near the outer edge of the sphere.

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