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By Alan Benjamin

For sunlight hours, forever, here's a energetic advent to the fun of poetry. those lively verses will make children are looking to chuckle, replicate, and dream. Karen Lee Schmidt's whimsical illustrations are the best supplement to this number of witty and clever poems to develop on. complete colour.

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In the pitch-black darkness Of the eyes' rotten pupils. Crazed by the fragrance, Crazed by the suffocating scent of the fragrance. In the chaotic end of darkness, Flowing blood, burn! Burn the eternal oppression Of silence standing aloft in the darkness. Oh, April blood . Fragrance dispersing brightly even in the darkness; Crazed by clear bright life. April Blood commemorates South Korea's student revolution of 1960 that brought on the collapse of the Synghman Rhee regime and the first change of leadership since the Korean Republic's foundation after World War II.

Get up l Take the lead! Let's find them and hack them to pieces. I will be a success! " The young peasant in the lead, the prosecutor general sets out on his mission with dignity and determination, his eyes shining brightly like those of a tiger tensing for the kill. Shouting continuously: "All of you, stand aside! " he marches on: Tarum tarum tarum-tum-tum, tatum tarum tatumtum-tum, tatum tarum tatum-tum-tum. 50 Leaping over Nam-San, he overlooks TongbinggoDong. The large crowds who had followed him are clapping their hands.

The doors were automatic, the walls were automatic, drink~ng was automatic, cooking was automatic, women were performing automatic wanton acts, and everything was automatic, automatic, automatic. The housemaids were college 51 girls, the accountants were do"ctors of economics, the gardeners were doctors of forestry, the house managers were doctors of business administration, the tutors were doctors of philosophy, the secretaries were doctors of politics, the beauticians were doctors of aesthetics, doctors, doctors, and more doctors.

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