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By Roger J. Williams, Dwight K. Kalita

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It is startling to realize as Henry A. , a world authority on trace minerals points out in his important new book, "Trace Elements and Man" [3] : "The milling of wheat into refined white flour removes 40 percent of the chromium, 86 percent of the manganese, 76 percent of the iron, 89 percent of the cobalt, 68 percent of the copper, 78 percent of the zinc and 48 percent of the molybdenum, all trace elements essential for life or health. Only iron, and that in a form poorly absorbed, is later added to flour.

Would have resulted in failure to protect. Neither have we studied 6, 7, 11, and 12) and on four diets we knew to be poorer (nos. 4, the possible effect of imbalance between nutrients. We have not 5, 9, and 10); 47 of the 48 eyes involved were cataractous. Diets ruled out the possibility that there is a glucose-galactose of intermediate quality yielded intermediate numbers of cata- synergism involved in cataract production. Our simple experiment racts.

Academic Press. New York, 1967. , and Osmond, H. New Hope for Alcoholics. University Books, New Hyde Park, New York, 1968. Pauling, Linus. Vitamin C and the Common Cold. H. Freeman and Co. San Francisco, California, 1970. , and Cott, A. The Schizophrenias: Yours and Mine. Pyramid Books, New York, 1970. C. Neurobiology of the Trace Metals Zinc and Copper. International Review of Neurobiology. Academic Press, New York, 1972. Pugh, K. Mental Illness: Is It Necessary? , New York, 1968. Roberts, Sam E.

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