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ITCS & STA 2012, LNEE 180, pp. -W. Cheon et al. a limitation that it is difficult to control the intensity of stimuli. Therefore, the necessity to develop electronic moxibustion which is able to realize the thermal stimuli of moxibustion and also to control it safely is on the rise. There are not so many studies about development of a system having a thermal effect of moxibustion until now and devices for providing thermal stimuli using high frequency are developed [5]. The method to provide thermal stimuli using high frequency is to remove a malignant tumor by generating high-frequency current energy and by generating high-temperature thermal energy due to friction caused by vibration of ions in the cell tissues [6, 7].

In order o to optimize the system controls of plant factory whhich artificially control their env vironments, this paper suggested a plant factory autom matic control and monitoring sysstem. To control plant factory, this system used the ppreviously established PLC without changes and used the sensor nodes of WSN for the environmental monitoring of o plant factory. Gateways were designed for an integraated control of the PLC and sen nsor nodes, and a plant factory middleware and Web appplication were also designed.

Wireless Personal Communications 56(1), 117–130 (2011) 5. : Effects of Humidity Environmental Control in Greenhouse Using Refrigeratory-Based Dehumidifier. , 149–153 (2006) 6. : Effects of Humidity Environmental Control in Greenhouse Using Refrigeratory-Based Dehumidifier. , 149–153 (2006) 7. kr Abstract. USN (Ubiquitous Sensor Network) technology is recognized as a next-generation core technology and spreads rapidly through various pilot projects. It is widely used especially in the areas such as BPM (Business Process Management) and home network.

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