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By F. R. Leavis

Quantity 2 of a variety from Scrutiny opens with Mrs Leavis's a lot quoted reports, which jointly shape 'A severe idea of Jane Austen's Writings'. There follows a piece of reports of novelists (Dorothy Richardson, Gissing, Hemingway, Virginia Woolf, Henry James), and Mrs Leavis's learn of Edith Wharton. Then there are 3 of James Smith's essays: the distinguished 'Preliminary Survey' of Wordsworth; the both celebrated 'On Metaphysical Poetry' and the examine of As you're keen on It. a piece on 'The English culture' reprints stories of Jefferies, Beatrice Webb, Sturt and Piers Plowman.

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D. LEA VIS write an anti-Sense and Sensibility called ' The Elliots' (which though it was not at her death ready for the press was published by her brother as Persuasion). In short, by examining how she worked we can determine what kind of a novelist she was, by looking to see how she wrote a novel we can discover what her object was in writing it. Without such a preliminary no criticism of her novels can be just or even safe. A small instance of how far astray criticism may go is the treatment that has been given to the problem of the last chapter of Mansfield Park.

In 1808 she brought it out again and, just as The Watsons was later rewritten as Emma, as I have shown, she started to rewrite Lady Susan as Mansfield Park. Mansfield Park as we have it is known with some exactness to have been written between February 1811, and June or July 1813, on Jane's own statement, and I had better say at once that history does not record any previous draft. My supposition of such a version rests on two pieces of evidence. First, the dating of Mansfield Park is not that of the time it was * written', but answers to the years 1808 and 1809.

Frederica appeals by letter to Reginald to use his influence with her mother to save her from a wretched marriage, and in consequence Reginald has a temporary breach with Lady Susan, soon healed, however, by her artful explanations. She goes off to London, followed by Reginald, whom she has all along managed to persuade into believing her to be what he would like to think her. But she is in a fix. She can hardly make up her mind to sacrifice her liberty for marriage with a man she despises, who is, moreover, dependent on his father; besides, there is another man, Manwaring, with whom she is having an affair, but he is married a la Willoughby to Mr Johnson's rich ward, and she would prefer to marry him if only his wife could be disposed of (plaguing her to death from jealousy is the method Lady Susan is actually adopting).

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