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Each one anthology within the new worldwide Viewpoints sequence (which doesn't replica any fabric within the Opposing Viewpoints sequence) offers modern views at the featured factor -- with nearly all of the cloth reflecting stances of nations except the USA. basic assets, together with speeches and govt records, subscribe to essays from overseas magazines and information assets for a very panoramic view. precious beneficial properties contain an annotated desk of contents, a global map and state index, a bibliography and an issue index.

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Ima៮ m Ibn Taymiya (may Alla៮ h have mercy on him) states in his Fata៮ wa៮ [a religious opinion concerning Islamic law], “Aborting a fetus has been declared unlawful (hara៮ m) with the consensus of all the Muslim scholars. ’” Female infanticide was prevalent during the days of ignorance (ja៮ hiliyya). The Messenger of Alla៮ h [Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam] commanded that this custom be stopped 43 Abortion immediately, and Islam regarded this barbaric act not only un-Islamic but against the very nature of humanity.

The early prohibition of abortion was not based on concern about the fetus. It was based on a view that only people who engage in forbidden sexual activity would attempt abortion and that abortion is wrong from either an ontological perspective or from a negative judgment about sexuality and sexual behavior, known as the perversity view. “The ontological view is that the human fetus is a person from the earliest moments of conception, hence to abort it is either murder or something closely approximating murder; the perversity view is that sex is only licit within marriage and for the primary purpose of having children, hence abortion perverts sex and is immoral in the same way that contraception is immoral” (A Brief, Liberal, Catholic Defense of Abortion, University of Illinois Press, 2000).

According to Moad, what is the worst punishment that could be inflicted upon a member of traditional Hindu society? I n the West, especially in the United States, the debate over the issue of abortion is one of the most controversial subjects of the day. The arguments employed by each side commonly originate from theological sources on the one hand, and scientific sources on the other. Part of the reason for the position of this controversy, among others, in the Western public consciousness is that it has implications affecting the moral value of human life, the source of that value, and the question over when a human being can be said to acquire this value.

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