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Some say that the pro-life side is run by men who want to control women. This is untrue, and I think the situation may be reversed. How many women have had an abortion because they have been pressured by a man—their father, boyfriend, or husband? And who primarily performs abortions? Male doctors. In essence, I feel that making abortion an acceptable, and even preferred option in some cases, is yet another way to control women. Think about it—get the woman to have an abortion, and the man doesn’t have to be burdened with any responsibility.

First, what does “unwanted” mean? If the mother does not want the child, there are thousands of childless couples who certainly would want that child. Also, someone’s right to live should not be based on how much one individual wants them. Do we dispose of born children who are abandoned and obviously not wanted? The Violent Killing of a Baby Now, I want to be the first to admit that not everyone sees abortion as the ending of a life. There are probably some people who still see a baby in the womb as unfeeling tissue, like a mole or subcutaneous fat.

There were 2,400 abortion facilities . S. The story adds that 55 Abortion Frontmatter 2/26/04 3:34 PM Page 56 “. . 70 percent of women of childbearing age lived in counties with abortion facilities . ” and “. . only 8 percent of the women who got abortions in 1992 . . drove more than 100 miles . ” to terminate their pregnancies. The article concludes with the admission that “. . abortion-rights advocates acknowledge they don’t personally know of women who wanted . . ” The reason for the ubiquity of abortion is, in part, its universal availability.

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