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By W. J. Llope (auth.), Wolfgang Bauer, Alice Mignerey (eds.)

The research of nuclear dynamics is now in a single of its finest stages. the speculation is within the strategy of constructing an more and more trustworthy shipping description of heavy ion reactions from the preliminary violent section ruled by means of first collisions to the extra thermalized later levels of the response. this is often actual for the low-to-medium strength reactions, the place the dynamics is formulated by way of nucleonic, or quite often hadronic, levels of freedom. And it's also changing into a truth in ultrarelativistic heavy-ion reactions, the place partonic effortless levels of freedom need to be used. Experiments are actually in a position to 'utilize the prevailing accelerators and multiparticle detec­ tion platforms to behavior remarkable reviews of heavy-ion collisions on an event-by-event foundation. moreover, the sector anticipates the of completion of the development of the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider and the proposed improve of the nationwide Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory, promising qualitatively new facts for the close to destiny. All of those efforts are essentially directed to the exploration of the swap the nuclear medium offers for the houses and interactions of person nucleons and, finally, the exploration of the nuclear topic section diagram. The research of this section dia­ gram, together with the entire fascinating part transitions estimated from theoretical grounds, is the focal point of lots of the theoretical and experimental investigations of nuclear dynamics performed today.

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O • VI ..... 10 C ::l o 5 27 . I ,0. a ,\ • '. , ~ Q .. U l ~~~~~~~~iW~~WU~~~~~~~LU~~~~~~~~ o 50 100 E •• ald". 0 0 (E/ Z)PLI / (E/Z)b... m (MeV) 10 obse rve d m Figure 5. Leji panel: Energy spectra of heavy fragments observed in the angular range between 7° and 46° in "singles" mode (diamonds) and in coincidence with PLF's with ZPLF > 25 (squares). Middle panel: EIZ-spectra of PLF's in coincidence with TLF residues (A) and TLF fission fragments (B), as defined by two peaks in the left panel.

Briefly, our procedure involves, as a first step, the evaluation of the moments of the 44 Porile et aI. '" C 10 10 10 10 ~ E 0'1 ... 0 u... IJ E 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 70 80 Fragment Charge ::l Z 10 10 10 10 High Multiplicity Reg ion 30 40 50 60 Fragment Charge Figure 2. Fragment charge yield distribution for various multiplicity intervals. Top: I ::; III ::; 50; bottom: II! > 50. l0 9 " • -" • • .. -• "•, • 'I' • •• \ • ~ 60 70 80 Multiplicity 0 0 10 20 JO 40 Figure 3. , distribution. l0 60 Zma:o and (right) the 80 Multiplicity 45 Critical Exponents from the MuItifragmentation of 1A GeV Au Nuclei Table 1.

5 shows mil and me distributions associated with the production of TLF residues (A) or TLF fission fragments (B), both measured in coincidence with PLF's of ZPLF > 25. Similar to the middle panel of Fig. 5, the distributions shown in the right panel demonstrate again that at least some of the slowest massive fragments are remnants of highly dissipative binary collisions. The presence of either a, heavy TLF residue or a TLF fission fragment in the exit channel signals that a primary hot TLF has survived the primary reaction and, hence, that the system did not undergo an instFlntaneous disintegration into many small fragments.

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