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By W. B. Terney, D. C. Wade (auth.), Ernest J. Henley, Jeffery Lewins, Martin Becker (eds.)

The editors are happy to provide to the nuclear com­ munity our new-look annual assessment. In its new glance, with Plenum our new writer, we may well wish for a extra fast pre­ sentation to our viewers of the contents for his or her consi­ deration; the contents themselves, despite the fact that, are inspired from an analogous spirit because the first 9 volumes, studies of significant advancements in either a ancient and an anticipa­ tory vein, interspersed with occasional new contributions that appear to the editors to have greater than ephemeral curiosity. during this quantity the articles are consultant of the editorial board coverage of overlaying quite a number pertinent themes from summary thought to perform and contain stories of either varieties with a spicing of whatever new. Conn's overview of a conceptual layout of a fusion reactor is well timed in bringing to the eye of the final nuclear neighborhood what's possibly renowned to these operating in fusion - that useful fusion reactors are going to require a lot skillful and intricate engineering to make the brilliant hopes of fusion because the inex­ haustible strength resource endure fruit. Werner's assessment of nu­ merical recommendations for fission reactor kinetics, whereas now not precisely backward having a look, is at the very least directed to what's now a good confirmed, nearly traditional box. Fabic's sum­ mary of the present loss-of-coolant twist of fate codes is one realisation of the depth of attempt that permits us to name a gentle water reactor 'conventional.

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J L: + ° ~ J J dU. 48) W. B. TERNEY AND D. C. WADE 30 Corner Conditions When the trajectory intersects the constraint surfaces rr:(aNat J H(t ) L i ) j=n+l J = Pi (t p. 49) L j=n+l J dX. 51) p. (t+ ) = p. B. 52) Transversality Conditions T dq, +::. B. 54) As in the previous case, the inequality constraints introduce extra terms in the Euler Lagrange equations which are nonzero only when the trajectory lies on the constraint surface. 4. Iterative Solution Method for Two-Point Boundary Value Problems* The necessary conditions for optimality shown in the previous section constitute a set of coupled nonlinear ordinary differential and algebraic equations subject to mixed boundary conditions -- the conditions on some variables * The material of this section is based on a review made by Dr.

40 W. B. TERNEY AND D. C. WADE Another feature of the dynamic programming approach is it generates the optimal path not just for given initial or final states but for all states in between. This is in contrast to the variational approach which yields the optimal paths from the given initial state but no other. The forward and backward algorithms give the same optimal solution, but different information. The backward algorithm gives the best path from any state to the destination; whereas, the forward algorithm gives the optimal path from the initial state to every state.

Qi) = 0 OPTIMAL CONTROL APPLICATIONS IN NUCLEAR REACTOR 29 and the Lagrange mUltiplier vectors II. = [II -~ II 1 II]T 2··· i = n+l, ••• J q. 44) ~ multiply the entry point initial conditions, N. 4l. _0, Define the function: n L: L + H p. f. ~ i=l ~ Then, by consideration of variations in the augmented functional G3 , identical to those illustrated in the appendix for the previous problem, it may be shown that the necessary conditions for the optimal control are: Euler-Lagrange Equations J L: x~qi) v.

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