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His words influenced millions of people and how they treated and viewed people with HIV/AIDS. Shunned by Family HIV-positive people may even receive poor treatment from their own families. Some relatives may chastise or make disparaging remarks to an infected family member. In severe cases, families drive their HIV-positive relative out of the house. This type of behavior is more prevalent in areas of the world where there are fewer AIDS/HIV education programs. People in The AIDS Stigma these areas are often misinformed about HIV.

The decimation of African adults by AIDS leaves their children living without support or care. The Cycle Continues AIDS orphans in developing countries may drop out of school, never to return. In a 2002 UNICEF study of twenty sub-Saharan African countries, children aged five to fourteen who had lost one or both parents to AIDS were less likely to be in school and were more likely to work forty or more hours a week. A survey of 646 orphaned and 1,239 nonorphaned children in Kenya found that 52 percent of the orphans were not in school, but only 2 percent of the nonorphaned children were not in school.

If a person chooses not to abstain from sex nor remain in a faithful sexual relationship, then he or she should use condoms during sex. Abstinence Only Does Not Work “Abstinence is the official right-wing solution to all sexual problems. The further the politician is to the right, the greater his or her faith in chastity. … Yet, in 25 years of medical practice, I have not run into it too often. ” Monica Sweeney, assistant clinical professor of preventive medicine at the State University of New York’s Health Science Center of Brooklyn and the author of Condom Sense.

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