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By Guenter Lewy

1978 publication on the USA in Vietnam.

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With the permission of the International Control Commission (ICC), the size of MAAG in May 1960 had been increased to 685 men. S. S. should finally renounce these restrictions and openly assume military assistance to the GVN. The ICC, operating on the unanimity principle and limited in its travels, had been unable to prevent substantial shipments of Chinese arms to the DRV armed forces or stem the infiltration of men into the South, estimated at 500-700 a month by 1961. But the Geneva accords were held to have some residual deterrent value and it was therefore decided to introduce additional personnel covertly.

American boys, he stated several times, should not be sent to Asia to do the fighting which Asian boys, with American advice and equipment, should be doing for themselves. "That is the course we are following. "114 Selective quotations from the Pentagon Papers, including the edited version published by the New Yorfc Times, have made it appear that while Johnson projected himself as the peace candidate, the administration in 1964 had decided to wage overt war in Vietnam and was merely holding back with this escalation until after the elecAMERICA IN VIETNAM 36 tion in November.

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