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After the introduction of the Benzedrine inhaler in 1933,6 amphetamine became a more popular drug than Alles could ever have imagined, and amphetamine was used for a startling number of ailments, as listed in the sidebar. Benzedrine was also introduced as a tablet in 1938, after receiving approval from the American Medical Association in late 1937 for this use. In fact, the medical profession actively embraced Benzedrine. 7 However, the public quickly learned that the product caused sleeplessness, and as a result, it became popular with students pulling all-­nighters to study for exams at the last minute.

Military leaders believed that these drugs would give their fighting forces an extra edge, enabling them to survive the ordeals of combat, which is often comprised of long periods of boredom punctuated by terrifying times of hard and life-threatening combat. In the United States, the drug of choice for soldiers, sailors, and airmen was the Benzedrine tablet, issued in emergency medical kits, survival kits, and aviation packs as 5 mg pills. 22 In contrast, the Japanese and German military members were issued methamphetamine tablets.

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