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By Alfred North Whitehead

"The item of the next chapters isn't really to coach arithmetic, yet to permit scholars from the very starting in their direction to understand what the technological know-how is ready, and why it really is unavoidably the root of tangible proposal as utilized to normal phenomena." therefore starts off this quantity by means of the well-known English thinker and mathematician Alfred North Whitehead, a concise assertion at the nature and that means of arithmetic for the final scholar. Expertly written and abounding in insights, the e-book provides a full of life exposition of mathematical techniques, the historical past in their improvement, and their purposes to the actual world. 
Whitehead explains in large phrases what arithmetic is ready, what it does, and the way mathematicians do it.Generations of readers who've stayed with the thinker from the start to the top have discovered themselves amply rewarded for taking this trip. As The big apple Times saw a long time in the past, "Whitehead does not popularize or make palatable; he's easily lucid and cogent ... A finely balanced mix of wisdom and urbanity .... may still satisfaction you."

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Or interact with fictitious people from the great novels, like Captain Nemo, Madame Bovary, Charles Swann, Molly Bloom, and others? 1. Captain Nemo taking a star sight from the deck of the Nautilus. 6 Mountain Climbing Every new body of discovery is mathematical in form, because there is no other guidance we can have. (Darwin) The key principle of our whole educational system states that education is based on science, more precisely education of today should be based on contemporary science. We touched this principle above and will return to it below in some more detail.

Thus, today the corner stones of traditional education, spelling and the multiplication table, seem to be loosing importance as pillars of elementary education. So if the multiplication table and long division no longer serve as the canon of elementary mathematics education, what could/should then be taught? What could/should be the purpose of elementary mathematics education? Or should the old canon be resurrected? 4 What is Mathematics? The question of the ultimate foundations and the ultimate meaning of mathematics remains open; we do not know in what direction it will find its final solution or whether a final objective answer may be expected at all.

We argue that this state of affairs is not motivated from either scientific or applications point of view. We believe that the computer is radically changing calculus and that this change has to be seen in the mathematics curriculum. This point of view is not the standard one giving the rationale of the present mathematics curriculum, which is much more modest, something like: ok, the computer is now here, but the essence of calculus remains the same and the education should not be radically changed in any respect.

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