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By Donna Theisen, Dary Matera

This is often like poultry Soup for the Soul! choice of many many brief tales of paramedics occurring their path. quite quite attention-grabbing tales that I simply savored each tale. i admire the booklet alot! i am hoping they make one other one!!! nice untold behind the curtain of what paramedics struggle through. a ravishing read!!!

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Patients are going to die. Children are going to die. Teenagers are doing to die. Mothers, fathers and grandparents are going to die. There are times when God allows us to intervene, but there are also times when God's punched someone's ticket and there's nothing that I, as a paramedic, as a person with finite abilities, is going to be able to change. The other advice is don't expect to be appreciated. Even when you do save the world, a lot of people aren't going to notice, a lot of people aren't going to understand.

One was a nurse, and the others were just interested in the medical field. They asked me to go with them and I agreed. I 48 guess I was looking for a job that was more rewarding that stocking dog food. The school doesn't teach you about life. They don't teach you that people are going to spit on you and try to beat you up and are going to hate you even when you do the right thing. They can tell you what cyanosis (blue skin from lack of oxygen) is but until you see it, you don't really know. They can let you intubate all the mannequins in the world, but until you're upside down in a vehicle in the ditch, in the dark, with a patient who has blood in their airway and who's biting down on the tube or fighting you with all their might, you'll never know what it's like.

I'll always remember how important my presence was to this stranger. It was the kind of magical moment that I could never quite explain to my family. They couldn't 58 understand my dedication to the job. Sometimes, we'd be having a family gathering, and my beeper would go off and they'd just grown and try to talk me out of responding. They'd get mad at me for spoiling the fun. " I'd ask. "But we need you too, mom," they'd counter. " "At least I come back. " That argument usually got through, but they still weren't happy.

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