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By Brenda Boyd

Individuals with Asperger Syndrome have many features which are often visible in a unfavourable gentle. Brenda Boyd indicates that for each attribute of AS that may be checked out negatively, there are numerous positive factors that may be drawn on and built. Discussing AS commonly phrases, she talks in the course of the explanation why individuals with AS process existence within the manner they do, and what an important contribution they make to the area. She then explores varied features of AS; whereas she recognizes the unfavourable conception such a lot of humans have of those features, she issues out the big variety of merits to the Aspergers mind set for people with AS, these round them and society as a complete. for each damaging, Boyd proves there are lots of extra positives. From their fresh honesty to their originality and power to develop into leaders instead of fans, individuals with AS have many admirable character qualities that are supposed to be nurtured. This booklet exhibits that through adjusting our perceptions of what's 'normal' and embracing range, AS can't purely be understood and accredited, yet favored. Appreciating Asperger Syndrome is a party of AS which could be learn via people with AS, relatives, and a person who understands or works professionally with people with AS.

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N If we don’t, we are at greater risk of putting people into boxes, thereby limiting and stereotyping them. n Putting people rigidly into boxes is a bad thing, because it promotes feelings of division and separation between people, instead of encouraging us to remember all the things that we have in common. 60 WRONG PLANET SYNDROME n If NT’s can acknowledge the Aspie parts of themselves it can help them to understand AS. n If Aspies can acknowledge the NT parts of themselves it can help them understand how the NT world works.

I don’t think you would be at the top of the queue looking for a diagnosis. Why not? Perhaps it has just never occurred to you. But if you have, you are bound to have a certain fixed notion about what AS is, what the label means, and what it looks like, and you are not particularly keen on the idea of applying that label to yourself. You may not know much about AS, but maybe you have heard that it is a form of autism. That can be enough to put some people off. Even the word ‘autism’ carries negative connotations in many people’s eyes.

One of the downsides of labels is that they tend to turn into stereotypes. There are always problems with stereotypes because by their very nature they tie things down too narrowly. People can easily get a fixed idea in their heads about what AS looks like, and not realise that their picture is far too narrow. It is worse than meaningless to make AS into a stereotype because it covers a wide range in the first place. Nevertheless it happens a lot. If you have one specific picture of AS in your head, and then you come across someone who looks completely different from that picture, you may find it hard to believe that that other person also has AS.

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