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Regine may well discusses using drama as an intertext within the paintings of the 2d century Latin writer Apuleius, who wrote the single whole extant Latin novel, the Metamorphoses, during which a tender guy is become a donkey through magic. Apuleius makes use of drama, specifically comedy, as a uncomplicated underlying texture, and invitations his readers to take advantage of their wisdom of up to date drama in studying the destiny of his protagonist and the customarily comedian or tragic occasions during which he reveals himself. may possibly employs an in depth research of the Latin textual content and specific comparability with the corpus of dramatic texts from antiquity, in addition to dialogue of inventory positive aspects of historic drama, in particular of comedy, that allows you to clarify a few positive aspects of the radical that have to this point baffled Apuleian scholarship, together with the enigmatic finishing. All Latin and Greek has been translated into English.

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212, Dig. 37 pr. Cf. —Evidence for the performance of whole plays: Under Nero, Afranius’ Incendium, a togata, was performed (Suet. 2), and tragic and comic performances of unspeciWed plays are mentioned (Leppin (1992: 25f. with n. 8): Apul. Flor. 4; Tert. Spect. 7; Nat. ; Novat. Spect. 7; Aug. Civ. 8; Claud. ); On imperial tragedy performances cf. ). ); Weismann (1972: 46)). , 1616, 1637, 1870, 4555, 5417, 8564, 8581 mention the name Menedemerumenus, perhaps a calque of Menedemus and Heautontimoroumenos—Jocelyn (1988: 60 n.

Or p. ); fabulae togatae and Atellanae are more to his taste for their verbal experimentations. 91 86 Terence’s name occurs only in a conjecture p. 133 (in the Letter to M. Antoninus de eloquentia), where the text reads ‘sublimis Lucretius, mediocris Pacuvius’, and Warren, cited in van den Hout (1988), would like to read, ‘sublimis Lucretius, mediocris, Pacuvius ’ (‘Lucretius is sublime, Terence mediocre, Pacuvius verbose’); an unnecessary intrusion into the text, possibly inspired by a similar wording in Gell.

No pantomime libretto is extant. On pantomimes as primarily responsible for the widespread knowledge of tragedy plots amongst the masses cf. ). 11 Rohde (1914: 270 n. 2-1876: 251 n. g. Antonios Diogenes, cf. Photios cod. ). g. Antonios Diogenes’ novel ‘dramatic’, äæÆìÆôØŒüí, (cod. 166. 109a7, cf. 111b30), cf. Rohde (1914: 376 with n. 1 ¼ 1876: 350 n. 1). Dramatic elements may be found in the novels, and in the case of Antonios Diogenes it seems that the same author claims to have composed works of both genres, which may either refer to his novel itself, or to the composing of drama besides the novel.

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