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Even if the inventive impulse surges in riot opposed to daily truth, breaking via its confines, it makes pacts with that reality's crucial legislation and returns to it to modulate its experience. actually, it really is via praxis that mind's eye and creative inventiveness transmute the very important matters of lifestyles, giving them human degree. yet whilst art's thought imbues existence with aesthetic feel, which lifts human adventure to the religious. inside of those views artwork launches messages of in particular human internal propulsions, strivings, beliefs, nostalgia, yearnings prosaic and poetic, profane and sacral, useful and perfect, whereas status on the fragile borderline of everydayness and ingenious event. Art's artistic perduring constructs are intentional marks of the cultured importance attributed to the flux of human existence and mirror the human quest for repose. They mediate verbal exchange and participation in spirit and maintain the relative continuity of tradition and historical past.

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50 Phenomenology, 2d ed. (New York, 1962). " Schutz uses "mark" in a somewhat different sense. Cf. Collected Papers, I, 308-] 47- [It is an "opaque" motive (Schutz, op. , I, 3 1 1 ) . " It has its origin in association. Cf. Husserl, Logische Untersuchungen, II, i, pp. ] 48. [Logische Untersuckungen, II, 23-105. passim. Cf. also Farber, Foundation of Phenomenology, Chap. ] 49. , Freyer, Theorie des objektiven Geistes, pp. ; Litt, op. , pp. ; and, earlier, Sander, "Gegenstand der reinen Gesellschaftslehre," pp.

It is especially common, though by no means inevitable, for the associative type of relationship to rest on a rational agreement by mutual consent. . (Examples of associative relationships) are ( a ) rational free market exchange, (b) the voluntary association based on self interest, ( c ) the voluntary association motivated by an adherence to a set of common absolute values, for example the rational sect. , pp. ] 7. ["A 'voluntary association' (Verein) is a corporate group (Verba-nd) originating in a voluntary agreement, and in which the established order claims authority over the members only by virtue of a personal act of adherence.

I (Jena, 1922-23). 19. Ideologic und Utopie (Bonn, 1929). , Ideology and Utopia, by Lewis Wirth and Edward A. ] 20. Die Wissensformen und die Gesellschaft (Leipzig, 1926). 21. Individuum und Gemeinschaft, 3d ed. (Leipzig, 1926). 22. Theorie des objektiven Geistes (Leipzig, 1923). 12 / THE PHENOMENOLOGY OF THE SOCIAL WORLD seeks to derive the world of objective mind from the action of the individual. Above all we must mention in this connection Sander, who, in a profound and very important study,23 takes as his point of departure Rehmke's 24 philosophy of the momentary consciousness of the solitary Ego and then tries first to deduce communal and associative relationships and finally the state, economy, and law, the deduction being accomplished via an analysis of striving and volition.

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