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The fragility of glass precludes its use for large containers or distribution systems. 2 Metals Stainless steel distribution systems (types 304 and 316) have been widely used. Other metals are rarely used because of either expense or contamination issues. Welded, polished joints are preferable. After assembly, stainless systems must be polished and passivated with nitric acid, a process that dissolves exposed iron from the surface and produces an impervious chromium and nickel oxide surface layer.

Certain bacteria, and green plants, including algae. Water samples that test positive with a glucan-sensitive endotoxin assay should be evaluated with a glucan-insensitive or glucanspecific assay. It is always important to rule out cross-reactions and interferences by performing standard additions of known concentrations of endotoxin and/or a (1,3)-beta-D-glucan, depending on which entity is of interest. The bacterial endotoxins test45 recognizes three major techniques to measure the reaction of an LAL test: 1) an increase in the turbidity of the reaction mixture with time (kinetic turbidimetric method); 2) an increase in intensity of color with time (kinetic or endpoint chromogenic method); and 3) presence or absence of gelation after a given incubation period (gel-clot method).

All rights reserved. , by placing the containers in plastic bags). Certified, precleaned containers are available with a secondary cover for their closures. If samples will not be analyzed within 24 hours, they should be protected from light and stored in a refrigerator but not frozen. 2 On-line For on-line measurements, the instrument is connected directly to the purified water stream. On-line instruments permit continuous or semicontinuous determination of organic contamination. 47 On-line measurements use a variety of sampling designs appropriate to the instrumentation, accuracy, and frequency of monitoring desired.

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