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There are numerous magnificent books on find out how to do operations yet there are few or none on the right way to support at them, and none written both through or for scientific scholars or medical professionals. for that reason, the abilities that make a professional surgical assistant are tough to obtain. more often than not, they could simply study in a haphazard means, by way of spending years within the working theater. This e-book describes these abilities in a concise and systematic means, in surgical procedure in most cases, and in ten assorted speciality parts. even though meant in general for clinical-level scientific scholars and junior medical professionals, people who support at surgical operations, together with common practitioners, nurse assistants and surgical technologists, also will locate it invaluable. no matter if making plans a profession in surgical procedure, or just aiming for top marks in a surgical rotation, there are few higher how one can galvanize a medical professional than by means of skilfully helping at surgical operations.

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As soon as the suture is held up for cutting, glide your hands quickly but smoothly forward and cut. But be certain the surgeon wants it cut and not clipped! (see p. 61). ● If the surgeon and yourself will be performing a ‘clip and cut’ manoeuvre, (see below and also p. 61), hold the clip in one hand, and the scissors in the other. This wastes less time than first applying the clip, and then reaching around for the scissors. Furthermore, if you can see that you will need several clips, you can ask the scrub nurse if you may have them all together.

The right hand is then used to flip the glove over while pushing the left hand into the glove, and pulling it on with the right hand. You do not have to fit the glove perfectly at this stage; leave minor adjustments of the fingers for later. Now that your left hand is gloved, it is sterile. This means that putting on the right glove is easier, because you can handle the right glove with your left hand. Lift the right glove out of the paper with your left hand, and hold it open so you can push your right hand into it.

If in doubt, it is better to wear them slightly too small, because otherwise the fingertips may be too loose. They will then flop around and reduce your dexterity. Many authorities recommend that two pairs of gloves be used routinely, to reduce the risk of disease transmission (see ‘needle-stick injury’, p. 9). Sterility and the ‘sterile zone’ ■ Gloving This is known as double-gloving, and there is strong scientific evidence to support the practice (Tanner and Parkinson, 2002). It is part of the set of procedures known as Universal Precautions (see p.

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