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Foreign bodies in potentially contaminated tissues may convert contamination to infection. Therefore: a. Avoid multifilament sutures which may convert a contaminated wound into an infected one. b. Use monofilament or absorbable sutures in potentially contaminated tissues. 3. Where cosmetic results are important, close and prolonged apposition of wounds and avoidance of irritants will produce the best result. Therefore: a. Use the smallest inert monofilament suture materials such as nylon or polypropylene.

Two major mechanisms of absorption result in the degradation of absorbable sutures. Sutures of biological origin such as surgical gut are gradually digested by tissue enzymes. Sutures manufactured from synthetic polymers are principally broken down by hydrolysis in tissue fluids. s fibroblasts. Nonabsorbable sutures ordinarily remain where they are buried within the tissues. When used for skin closure, they must be removed postoperatively. A further subdivision of suture materials is useful: monofilament and multifilament.

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