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By Cay S. Horstmann

This publication introduces programmers to things at a gentle velocity. The syntax packing containers are revised to teach commonplace code examples instead of summary notation. This contains non-compulsory instance modules utilizing Alice and Greenfoot. The examples function annotations with dos and don'ts in addition to pass references to extra particular motives within the textual content. New tables exhibit numerous general and cautionary examples. New programming and overview difficulties also are awarded that make sure a huge insurance of issues. furthermore, Java 7 good points are integrated to supply programmers with the main updated info.

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Oberall ist die Rede von . C. . bruner hiufiger wird der Wunsch, ohne Kennt nisse anderer Programmiersprachen in 'C' einsteigen zu konnen. Genau dies ist die Zielsetzung des vorliegenden Buches. Ausgehend von ganz einfachen Beispielen wird der Leser Schritt fiir Schritt mit allen Moglichkeiten von 'C' und dem Nachfolger 'C++' vertraut gemacht, ohne daB dafiir Vorkenntnisse in anderen Programmiersprachen notig sind.

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"OOP" ist "in". Die modernste paintings, Programme zu schreiben, wird in diesem didaktisch vorz}glich aufbereiteten Lehrbuch vermittelt. Das Schwergewicht der Darstellung liegt auf der methodischen Darstellung der Gurndlagen und Konzepte pbjektorientierten Programmierens: Objekte, Klassen, Vererbung,Instanzen, Botschaften und abstrakte Datentypen werden verdeutlicht.

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If you have a comment that is longer than a line, then the /* . . */ comment is simpler: /* This is a simple Java program that you can use to try out your compiler and virtual machine. */ It would be somewhat tedious to add the // at the beginning of each line and to move them around whenever the text of the comment changes. In this book, we use // for comments that will never grow beyond a line, and /* . . */ for longer comments. If you prefer, you can always use the // style. The readers of your code will be grateful for any comments, no matter which style you use.

2 The Anatomy of a Computer 5 Figure 3 A Hard Disk The CPU, the RAM, and the electronics controlling the hard disk and other devices are interconnected through a set of electrical lines called a bus. Data travel along the bus from the system memory and peripheral devices to the CPU and back. Figure 4 shows a motherboard, which contains the CPU, the RAM, and connectors to peripheral devices. fm Page 6 Monday, June 29, 2009 11:15 AM 6 Chapter 1 Introduction Printer Hard disk Mouse Ports Disk Controller CPU Graphics card Keyboard Optical disk drive Monitor Sound card RAM Speakers Network card Internet Bus Figure 5 The CPU reads machine instructions from memory.

It is the responsibility of the program author to test the program and find any logic errors. Testing programs is an important topic that you will encounter many times in this book. Another important aspect of good craftsmanship is defensive programming: structuring programs and development processes in such a way that an error in one part of a program does not trigger a disastrous response. The error examples that you saw so far were not difficult to diagnose or fix, but as you learn more sophisticated programming techniques, there will also be much more room for error.

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