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By Sheri Van Dijk

When you've gotten bipolar disease, it may well occasionally appear like temper swings are maintaining you from being the individual you need to be. you'll exchange among emotions of melancholy and overexcitement although what you really need is to discover a fit stability among the 2. This easy-to-use workbook offers a suite of abilities you could examine to help you locate that stability, turn into extra self sufficient, and remain all for the big-picture objectives which are most crucial to you.

The Bipolar Workbook for Teens contains workouts and worksheets that can assist you examine abilities drawn from a different approach referred to as dialectical habit remedy (DBT). DBT abilities may help individuals with bipolar sickness enhance their relationships with family and friends and calm themselves while their feelings get particularly overwhelming.

Working via this ebook may help you:

  • Recognize and reply to your emotional triggers
  • Create a situation plan and locate support
  • Get a deal with on addictive behavior
  • Maintain friendships and get with your family

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42 keeping track of your mood 11 for you to know It can be really helpful for you to keep track of your mood from day to day so that you’ll notice when your mood starts to become depressed, manic, or mixed. Keeping track of your mood can also help you know if any of the changes you’re making are having the effect of increasing the amount of time you’re spending in your wise self. Staying well sometimes takes a lot of hard work. The good news is, the tools are all here to help take you care of yourself and prevent, or at least limit, future depressive and manic episodes.

You find scrapes or other injuries on your body and don’t know how they got there. • You get caught up in painful thoughts and emotions. • • • • 24 activity 6 Q automatic behaviors and their impact What are some activities you already do that are easy for you to fully focus your attention on? • playing guitar • playing with a pet • reading a great book • watching a favorite tv show • • • • Write what you notice about your experience during these times. For example, what thoughts go through your mind while you are doing the activity?

We’ve listed some possibilities to get you started: • patience • hopefulness • focus • trust in yourself • • • • 32 activity 8 Q formal activities to practice mindfully How will these skills and qualities be useful to you in learning this new skill of mindfulness? The goal is to live your life more mindfully, so start practicing mindfulness daily. You can use the following log to record your experiences: write down the date, what you did mindfully, and how long you did it for. In the final column, make any notes about your experience: whether it was difficult or not, whether you were easily distracted or very focused, where your thoughts wandered to, and so on.

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