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7. Surface multiplication, M S9 radius of spherical cores. an illustration of this Fig. e. sphere radius, cylinder radius or slab thickness) expressed in units of the corresponding dimension of an unreflected critical core. 3 present additional data of this kind for cores enclosed in a cadmium-lined wooden reflector. 5). 36) where Fis the fraction of neutrons incident on the body which penetrate it without collision. 3] 43 SIMPLE HAND METHODS neutrons which it emits, but only to those which would not have been available to other members of the array but for its presence.

1 these units can be arranged in any geometry provided that no two units are closer together than would make q exceed the value 1/99. Taking M = 2 as an absolute upper limit this requires that n o unit can subtend a solid angle fraction of more than 1/198 at any other unit, and this in turn corresponds to a minimum edge-to-edge separation of 51 cm. If in practice it were proposed to place this array, say, on a concrete 2 3 8 2 3 5 s s 2 s 52 2 2 3 5 Radial source Isotropic source Source spectrum Emergent spectrum Surface multiplication Source spectrum Emergent spectrum Surface multiplication Uniform (1) (2) (3) (4) 1-891 1-642 1-634 1-634 Uniform (1) (2) (3) (4) 1-747 1-616 1-566 1-546 0) (2) (3) 0) (2) (3) CALCULATIONAL METHODS FOR INTERACTING ARRAYS TABLE 12.

29) This assumption will always be conservative. The way in which the effect of screening of one body in an array by another is introduced in estimating p is also left to the discretion of the user in the Interaction Parameter method. At A W R E it has been usual to ignore screening of this kind in order to allow flexibility in the conditions imposed by the resulting criticality clearances. F o r example, in workshops the positions of fissile items are not immutable and line-ofsight screening could not be assumed without considerable restriction on freedom of movement.

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