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By Naomi Neale

After spending such a lot of her twenties in limboworking at seasonal jobs and relationship a sequence of commutement-challenged mentwenty-eight-year-old Nan Cloutier is set to enable move of her previous and current hurts, discover a everlasting activity, and fall in love with the best guy.

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From the way he scowled at me, sprawled out on his chair within the garlanded cave, I could guess he felt his return to the seasonal work wasn't, well, quite so triumphant. What a costume, though. "I've seen cakes wearing less frosting, buddy boy," I told him. When Alvin furrowed his eyebrows and shook his head at my familiarity, I shrugged. " I'd always pictured the Grinch's abode as a spartan bachelor pad, but with all the ribbons and swags of holly and wreaths and candles, this particular interpretation had apparently been dreamed up by the entire staff of Martha Stewart Living after an all-night binge of sniffing lines of uncut potpourri.

Our Elizabethan Failures Society had met there for years. "Let's both pretend I wasn't offended by that comment," Ambrose chuckled. He never minded what I said to him. " "It's the beer talking," I told him. As if to prove the point, I belched. "Sorry," I said, waving my hand in front of my face. He pushed the white paper basket of popcorn toward me. "Try to eat a little something, would you? " In a gesture of obedience I stuffed my mouth full of the salty kernels. " I asked, managing to keep the spew to a minimum.

By the door, Emmett Dunnigan laughed and flirted with Rosie, the seventy-year-old Malamute's regular whose claim to fame was having been in the original chorus of The Fujama Game. I meant my words, too. There wasn't any room in my heart for Emmett anymore. There hadn't been in years. I was feeling especially maudlin this evening about something that never was because… well, because… never mind. I'd figure it out when my blood alcohol had diminished. I'd never been convinced we would have worked as a couple, even if I'd had the courage during college to tell him of my feelings.

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