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She walked or rather was hypnotically drawn to the divine dress in the centre. ‘This one. ’ ‘This is not to be reproduced,’ Kate explained. ’ ‘I want,’ the princess said, and her mother nodded—because there was nothing on God’s earth that this family could not afford…except what was not for sale. ‘Your dress will be designed with only you in mind,’ Kate explained. ’ The design team took over then, coming out to greet the bride and her mother, pulling her into the very centre, and as the Princess went Kate watched as she gave one last lingering look at the gown on display.

You didn’t have that,’ Kate said, because Aleksi had been home-schooled. ‘And you seem to have done all right. ’ He looked over to her. ‘By the time I was fourteen there was nothing my tutor could teach me. By the time I was sixteen…Well, at that point there was a little more. While Iosef studied to be a doctor, I worked with my teacher one-to-one on…we’ll call it lessons in human biology…’ Her cheeks were flaming. Sometimes she didn’t know if he said things to get a reaction from her —to shock her, to embarrass her.

If I don’t sort out this chaos my mother is creating, if I don’t halt Belenki in the next few days, then I’m walking away from the company completely,’ he said. She felt as if she were standing on a trampoline, unsteady and unsure, watching as the springs snapped away one by one. ’ ‘Oh, I’d leave it in a heartbeat,’ Aleksi responded. ’ ‘It’s just business,’ Aleksi answered. Another spring snapped and any minute she’d be falling. Without Aleksi there, she’d certainly be fired. Where else could she earn so much for so few hours?

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