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By Deborah Reber

Your day starts off at 6am and ends at midnight—if you are lucky.
You stay alongside of all 2 hundred of your pals on Facebook.
You virtually invented the be aware "multitasking."
Sound familiar?  you are not alone.  you're a part of the main overscheduled, overprogrammed, and crushed new release at the planet.  And kick back will help deal with it all!  it truly is only a subject of getting the precise body of mind.  So chill out, take a deep breath...and kick back.

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Online calendar: Most computers come with a built-in calendar that allows you to color-code events and create alarms for deadlines, as well as view your calendar by day, week, or month. Or, try a cloud program like Google Calendar so you can access your ToDos everywhere. ■ Smart Phones or Tablets: What could be better (or easier) than keeping your schedule, calendar, and to-do lists on your smart phone or tablet? Use the apps that come standard with your device or download one of the many free or cheap apps specifically designed to help you schedule your life.

In fact, as I write in chapter eight, dwelling on fear and negativity can actually bring more fear and negativity into your life. And that’s pretty much the opposite of what we’re going for when it comes to reducing stress. So, let it go. And yes, I’m aware this is one of those easier-said-than-done kind of situations. So here are some more tips to make letting it go easier and, as a result, bring you more peace about what’s to come: Stay in the here and now. Since the past has already happened and can’t be changed, and the future is a great big unknown, the best bet to experiencing more peace in your life is to stay in the present.

I collapsed into my nonreclining seat in the last row, sweaty and sucking wind from the dash.  . the nick of time to sit on the tarmac for two hours because of an airplane “traffic” jam. But hey, I’m not complaining.  . I don’t think they’re allowed to be stressed). Sometimes stress catches you off guard—the result of a crisis, an emergency, or some unexpected turn of events.  . overwhelmed. Sometimes stress comes as a side-effect of simply getting through day-to-day life, full of worries over things like safety, college dreams, and the unknowns of the future.

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