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Peter King indicates how the arguments in favour of vital and native executive keep an eye on of so-called social housing don't face up to shut scrutiny. certainly, the coverage of the present executive could be useless in pursuing the government's personal goals. in its place, Peter King indicates how directing subsidies in the course of the shoppers of housing can in attaining larger housing with no political keep an eye on.

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The Decent Homes Standard informs them what they must do to improve their assets by 2010. There is therefore no opportunity for ignorance on the part of landlords about the scale of the problems facing them. For many local authorities this means a deficit between their projected income and their necessary expenditure. They are therefore forced to consider means of addressing this shortfall, and for this the government has given them three options: stock transfer, establishing an arm’s length management organisation, or the private finance initiative.

1 But there is a problem here. Information on quality and management is precisely what applicants will lack, unless they have already experienced several local social landlords in the past. Thus the mechanisms determining choice are likely to be reputation and marketing, rather than any accurate assessment of the particular service being offered. What has been expressly removed here is what could act as the main signal to quality, namely price. Rent restructuring makes price competition impossible through 1 80 The different subsidy systems, of course, remain.

This has an important consequence in that housing policy has shifted from being uniform and consistent across the country (albeit with diversity of tenure patterns, rents and access opportunities) to being national, in a different way: it is no longer consistent across the country, but it is directed from the centre to meet particular targets and aims based on national strategies. Social housing policy is no longer about ensuring a consistent coverage of housing, but is instead about chasing notions of ‘demand’ rather than ‘need’.

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