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By Lee Ann Remington OD MS FAAO

Taking where of the a number of texts ordinarily had to conceal visible anatomy and body structure, Clinical Anatomy and body structure of the visible procedure, 3rd Edition dramatically lightens your load through offering one publication that covers all of it! This concise, well-referenced source comprises info at the scientific anatomy of the attention, its adnexa and visible pathways, histologic details, plus newly further content material on body structure of the human ocular constructions. bright illustrations supplement the textual content and supply medical info on illnesses and issues that characterize departures from basic scientific anatomy.

  • Comprehensive body structure coverage clarifies the mixing among constitution and serve as, taking away your desire for a number of books at the anatomy and body structure of the visible system.
  • An emphasis on scientific application is helping you greater comprehend the tactics that ensue in affliction and dysfunction.
  • Genetic information retains you present with the most recent advancements in visible anatomy and physiology.
  • Full-color illustrations in the course of the text increase your realizing of anatomical and scientific information.
  • UNIQUE! Clinical Comment sections offer a superior beginning for spotting and realizing scientific occasions, stipulations, ailments, and treatments.
  • Photos of standard eye structures illustrate medical visual appeal and show how visual appeal is without delay relating to structure.
  • Geriatric coverage, together with getting older adjustments in ocular tissue and the visible pathway, retains you recent with the increasing box of geriatric care.
  • UNIQUE! specialist assurance written by way of a precise optometrist offers a pragmatic framework for spotting and realizing medical occasions, difficulties, and treatments.

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Conjunctiral epithelium Anterior chamber Sclera B A Ciliary body Posterior chamber FIGURE 3-8 A, Light micrograph of ciliary portion of iris. Dilator muscle is evident as pink band (arrow) anterior to pigmented epithelium. B, Light micrograph of epithelial iris layers, strands of dilator (arrow) evident above pigmented portion of anterior iris epithelium. FIGURE 3-9 Surfaces and layers of the iris. Beginning at the upper left and proceeding clockwise, the iris cross-section shows the pupillary (A) and ciliary portions (B), and the surface view shows a brown iris with its dense, matted anterior border layer.

The outer side of the triangle lies against the sclera, and the inner side lines the posterior chamber and a small portion of the vitreous cavity (Figure 3-10). The apex is located at the ora serrata. Ciliary stroma Ciliary muscle Supraciliaris Pigmented epithelium Nonpigmented epithelium Pars plicata Pars plana FIGURE 3-10 Partitions and layers of ciliary body. CHAPTER 3 ▼ Uvea The ciliary body can be divided into two parts: the pars plicata (corona ciliaris) and the pars plana (orbicularis ciliaris).

The structures in the internal scleral sulcus, the trabecular meshwork and the canal of Schlemm, that provide the major route for drainage of the aqueous humor are discussed in Chapter 6. 30 Clinical Anatomy of the Visual System CLINICAL COMMENT: PRK AND LASIK Reducing myopic refractive error can be accomplished by remodeling the corneal curvature either by a method of contact lens fitting (orthokeratology) or by procedures that remove corneal tissue. In orthokeratology a rigid contact lens is fit that gradually changes corneal shape.

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