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By Valerie L. Gaus

A useful source for therapists, this lucidly written publication presents research-based recommendations for addressing the middle difficulties of Asperger syndrome (AS) and assisting consumers deal with usually encountered comorbidities, akin to anxiousness problems and melancholy. special case examples illustrate the complexities of AS and the demanding situations it provides in way of life, relationships, and the office. the writer offers a cogent intent for cognitive-behavioral intervention and gives transparent guidance for engaging in tests and designing and imposing individualized treatment options. all through, the emphasis is on assisting individuals with AS lessen misery whereas protecting and development on their detailed strengths. designated positive factors comprise a case formula worksheet and different worthwhile reproducibles. (20100401)

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A general conceptualization of the problems faced by adults with AS when they seek psychotherapy follows, including core problems and comorbid conditions. Differential Diagnostic Issues The symptoms of adult AS manifest in a wide variety of ways, as illustrated, so there may be a lack of clarity in mental health practitioners about how to diagnose the syndrome, particularly in adults. At times symptoms mimic other disorders, including anxiety and mood disorders; at other times, adults with AS experience true symptoms of comorbid disorders while also meeting full criteria for AS.

This issue is addressed in Chapter 2, where core deficits are described in more detail.

Andrew’s social difficulties were marked by with- Defining AS in Adulthood 21 drawal and avoidance. The next case, Salvador, had interpersonal difficulties that, in contrast to Andrew, were marked by angry and aggressive approaches to other people. Salvador: Anger Control Problems and Loneliness Salvador is 33-year-old Catholic Italian American single man who is self-employed as a foreign language instructor. He came to therapy for help with anger control problems and ongoing disappointments with his relationships.

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