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A range of a few vital issues in complicated research, meant as a sequel to the author's Classical advanced research (see previous entry). The 5 chapters are dedicated to analytic continuation; conformal mappings, univalent features, and nonconformal mappings; complete functionality; meromorphic fu

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All functions with kuk1 Ä 1 are minimizers of F 0 . s/ ds). ˝I f˙1g/ the space of functions of bounded variation in ˝ taking only the values ˙1. u finite; however, every ‘phase transition’ " costs a positive amount, which is optimized by balancing the effects of the two terms in the integral. Indeed, by optimizing the interface between the phases fu D 1g and fu D 1g one obtains the optimal ‘surface tension’ cW . x; @fu D 1g/ Á ; " where d. ; A/ is the signed distance from the set A. "/-neighbourhood of @fu D 1g.

Let B" ! 30) Suppose that G" -converges to Ghom with respect to the converge L2 L1 convergence (the latter is understood as the convergence of the characteristic functions of sets). ut" ; At" / to the evolutions related to the energies F";A , dissipation D" and boundary conditions given by g is such S that (up to subsequences) for all t ut" converges to some ut in L2 and B"t D fAs" W s < tg converges to some B t in L1 , then it converges (up to subsequences) to a solution to the evolution related to the energies Fhom;A , dissipation Dhom and boundary conditions given by g.

Z/ D 1 z12 2 : z6 22 2 Global Minimization Fig. vi vi 1/ i D1 with N 2 N, defined on vi with vi > vi 1 . "i /). vi i /: This scaling can be justified noting that (up to additive constants) vi D i D id=" is the absolute minimum of the energy. w/ D C1 if w Ä 1. u0 ; : : : ; uN / is identified with a discrete function defined on "Z \ Œ0; 1 or with its piecewise-affine interpolation. 0; 1/-topology. We denote by w0 D 1 C z0 the inflection point of J . w/ so that this number of indices is equi-bounded along sequences with equibounded energy.

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