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By Rodrick Wallace

This booklet makes formal, designated, software of what Adams has defined as 'the informational flip in philosophy' to the worldwide neuronal workspace (GNW) version of attention. It makes use of a longer statistical version of cognitive approach, in response to the Shannon-McMillan Theorem and its corollaries, to include the results of embedding physiological, social, and cultural contextual constraints which function extra slowly than the workspace itself, yet significantly restrict the potential nation-states to be had to that workspace, and therefore to realization itself. The ensuing 'biopsychosociocultural' therapy at once addresses criticisms of brain-only types of awareness which were raised in cultural psychology and philosophy, whereas last actual to the present neuroscience perspective.
This is the 1st formal, entire, and fairly rigorous, mathematical remedy of the GNW and is the one one to incorporate the results of embedding contexts in a 'natural' demeanour.

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3) in the context of a 'transfer function' /(y-7 • w-7) such that the probability of the neuron firing and having a discrete output^ = 1 is P(z3 = 1) = /(y^-w- 7 ). Thus the probability that the neuron does not fire at time j is 1 — /(y*7 • w-7). a n ,... Cognition as generalized language 35 A little more work leads to a fairly standard neural network model in which the network is trained by appropriately varying the w through least squares or other error minimization feedback. This can be shown to, essentially, replicate rate distortion arguments, as we can use the error definition to define a distortion function d(y, y) which measures the difference between the training pattern y and the network output y as a function of, for example, the inverse number of training cycles, K.

Crushing algebraic complexities can be postponed until a later stage of the argument. They will, however, appear in due course with some vengeance. The high probability pairs of paths are, in this formulation, all equiprobable, and if N(n) is the number of jointly typical pairs of length n, then Extending the earlier language-on-a-network models of Wallace and Wallace (1998, 1999), we suppose there is a coupling parameter P representing the degree of linkage between the modules, and set K = 1/i3, following the development of those earlier studies.

Interacting cognitive modules Two (relatively) distinct cognitive submodules can be represented by two distinct sequences of states, the convolutional paths x = # o , £ i , ••• a n d V = 2/o ? 2/1 ? These paths are, however, both very highly structured and serially correlated and have dual information sources X and Y . Since the modules, in reality, interact through some kind of endless back-and-forth mutual crosstalk, these sequences of states are not independent, but are jointly serially correlated.

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