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By Ulrich Harms, Christian Koeberl, Mark D. Zoback

The overseas Continental clinical Drilling application (ICDP) used to be tested in 1996 to coordinate learn that comprises drilling into the continental crust. After 10 years of profitable overseas and multidisciplinary drilling initiatives, this quantity offers a overview and synthesizes the accomplishments of the prior decade of the overseas Continental clinical Drilling application and, extra importantly, defines possibilities for clinical development via destiny drilling tasks, addressing a large variety of disciplines within the Earth Sciences. subject matters coated comprise the significance of medical drilling for: weather switch and international Environments, impression constructions, the Geobiosphere, Volcanic structures, lively Faults, Hotspot Volcanoes and massive Igneous Provinces, Convergent Plate barriers and Collision Zones, and usual assets. additionally this ebook encompasses a precis of previous initiatives and actions supported by way of the ICDP.

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Key references Two special issues with basic papers were published in June and July 2004 in Meteoritics and Planetary Science 39, issues 6 and 7. 40 Ulrich Harms and Rolf Emmermann Mallik Gas Hydrate Research Well Natural gas hydrates represent an immense hydrocarbon resource underlying large portions of the world’s arctic continental areas and continental shelves. An international consortium was formed to establish a world research site for the study of continental natural gas hydrates in the Mackenzie Delta of the northwestern Canadian Arctic.

The mines provide a ‘missing link’ that bridges between the failure of simple and small samples in laboratory experiments, and earthquakes along complex and large faults in the crust. There is no practical way to conduct such analyses in other environment. To unravel the complexity of earthquake processes, this project is designed as integrated multidisciplinary studies of specialists from seismology, structural geology, mining and rock engineering, geophysics, rock mechanics, geochemistry and geobiology.

3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Impact Structures Active Faulting and Earthquake Processes The Geobiosphere Volcanic Systems and Thermal Regimes Natural Resources Hotspot Volcanoes and Large Igneous Provinces Convergent Plate Boundaries and Collision Zones The conference was complemented by two workshops, one on “Drilling Technology”, at which representatives from the industry participated, and the second on the subject of “Education and Outreach” which was organized in cooperation with media representatives with the main aim of compiling the results of scientific drilling for use as school and training material as well as for presentation to the general public.

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