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By Jacques Rondal

The target of the publication is to refill the gaps among theoretical, numerical, and sensible layout methods within the box of coupled instabilities of steel buildings. The booklet is equipped in a fashion prime steadily from the mathematical simple theories to the layout features via numerical and semi-empirical techniques of the interactive buckling of steel buildings. optimal layout account taken of coupled instabilities and code facets also are in short covered.

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Eqs. 2, depending on Tfi and a. 8) and remembering that a = De. 8). In this case the solution to eqs. 10) and the evaluation of the particular integral v2p are not required. Thus, to solve eqs. 6) = (. - >-c = >-1€, obtained The following equations are ae (i,j,k=1, ... 12) are the amplitudes of the buckling modes. 12) can be solved perhaps numerically to determine the equilibrium paths. where ai = Di€ 56 M. 3 Symmetric postcritical behaviour In this case the easiest procedure is to take 'Y = 3 in eq.

13) may depend on a certain number of parameters, besides the above mentioned disturbances. This is the case, for instance, of a rigid bar loaded by a vertical force N and connected to the hearth by a hinge to which it is applied a linear elastic spring initially unloaded. 7) in this case becomes y= Y(y; /'k; t) (k = 1, 2, ... 24) being /'k a parameter. This problem is more complicated and can be treated through a perturbation analysis. 27) Since X(O; 'Yk; t) = 0 , eqs. 26) admit as a solution x('Yk; t) = 0 which is the undisturbed motion, and permit to determine the disturbed motion x('Yk; t) -j.

C1 (j=l+4) coefficients depending on the non-linear aerodynamic forces. 8. 8. f rigid rod model: stability boundary in the parameter space (p-u). Inspection of Fig. 3. 8 shows the existence of two boundary stability curves. The first curve, which has analytical representation p=pc1 = 1, corresponds to the beginning of static bifurcation in the plane x1-X3. The latter, which has analytical representation u=uc=~,l ~a, delineates a Hopf bifurcation in the plane XrXJ. A third straight line, p=pd=P, which implies a incipient static bifurcation in the plane x 2-x3, is also shown.

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