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By Kathy Ross

Squirting hose puppet -- Handcuffs -- variety the hair puppet -- layout a shop window -- guidance wheel puppet -- Finger forged -- Cup cat and puppy -- chuffed teeth puppet -- Grocery cart buying record holder -- favourite meal magnets -- Doll good friend cupcakes -- Apple for the instructor pencil topper -- Library bookmark -- rubbish gobbling trash can -- Mail provider dispenser for stamps or handle labels -- ''Drain'' stick -- Sock-it-away financial institution -- Plastic bag flora -- Jackhammer puppet -- ''Check lower than the hood'' car.; appreciate crafts whereas studying approximately what group employees do on their jobs

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Thread the jingle bell on a piece of thin ribbon and tie the ribbon around the neck of the cat. 14. The back of the head will be the outside of the cup. Put glue on the back of the head, fold the head up and glue the head to the side of the cup so that the cat appears to be looking up. Use a clamp clothespin to hold the head in place until the glue dries. 15. Glue two wiggle eyes on the head, just under the pointed ears. 16. Use the hole punch to punch a round nose for the cat from the pink paper.

41 Plastic Bag Flowers Here is what you need: colorful plastic bags from stores scissors paper fasteners 12-inch (30-cm) green pipe cleaners 42 Here is what you do: 1. 5-cm) wide strips that are 6 inches (15 cm) long. 2. Fold each strip in half, with the color on the outside. Push a single paper fastener through the center of the strips to make an eight-petal flower. Spread the petals of the flower out evenly. 3. Fold the end of a green pipe cleaner over the arms of the paper fastener and twist the pipe cleaner around itself to secure the fold.

8. Fold about a third of the plate so that it folds down over the back of the bag flap at the top of the puppet. 9. Glue the plate to the flap to look like the lid of the trash can. 10. Glue the two wiggle eyes and a pom-pom nose to the lid to complete the face above the mouth. Find some small pieces of paper for the trash can to gobble up. Place your hand inside the puppet and help by pulling the paper in through the open mouth. Don’t forget to empty the trashcan puppet into a real trash can when you are done playing!

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