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Замечательные поделки делаем с детьми к Новому году и Рождеству. Красивые иллюстрированные пошаговые инструкции.

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A Set your shoe in the center of one of the foot shapes. Use the pencil to make a mark on each side of the middle of your shoe. Poke a hole through each mark. Thread each end of the twine up through the two holes so that you can tie the cardboard foot to your own shoe or boot. Do the same thing with the second foot. b Tie on your big feet and walk carefully through the snow. What could have left these giant footprints? Yikes! r- _. I. scissors margarine tub and craft stick for mixing Styrofoam tray in a crisscross pattern like a wheel to make the six points of the snowflake.

Black marker I Use the pencil to trace your two hands and one foot on the red paper. Trace your other foot on the yellow paper. Cut out the outlines of your hands and feet. D To make the beak for the bird, bend the yellow foot in half. Ii *... A L L c +,A- The body of the bird will be the red foot with the heel as the head. Bend the heel of the foot forward. Bend the heel up and the foot down to form a small slot to glue in the beak. Glue the beak in place. Glue a hand shape sticking out from each side of the body to make wings for the bird.

Tie a piece of string around the stick at the base of the Styrofoam ball to make the groundhog’s neck. w I Glue the two wiggle eyes on one side of the head. Cut ears and a nose from the brown felt and glue them in place. - Glue fiberfill around the top rim of the box for snow. Push on the stick to pop your groundhog up out of the hole to see if he sees his shadow. If he sees it, pull on the stick to put him back in his hole for six more weeks of winter. ” 43) Surprise someone special on Valentine's Day with this sweet-smelling project '1 Tl Here is what you need: masking tape ruler A I b white glue scissors P v-- thin ribbon Here is what you do: Cover the indented side of the lid with masking tape to create a better gluing surface.

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