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Result The carrier separation experiment was conducted to measure the gate current Ig, the sum of source and drain currents Ids, and the substrate current Isub separately before stress, applying negative polarity of Vg. All currents flowing into the device are taken as positive. Fig. 8 shows Ig, Isub, and Ids versus sweeping Vg in our p- (a) and n-MOSFET (b) at 100 C, respectively. 0 V. The impacted ionized holes flow out through the source/drain; hence, those “hot” holes generate negative Ids.

3) and (4) to obtain both the temperature and thickness dependence of the thermal conductivity for different temperatures, as shown in Fig. , 2005) at 300K. This model for the thermal conductivity is then implemented into the energy balance equation for acoustic phonons in our electro-thermal device simulator, and different device technology nodes have been examined. 80 60 experimental data full lines: BTE predictions dashed lines: empirical model thin lines: Sondheimer 100nm 40 50nm 30nm 20 300 20nm 400 500 Temperature (K) 600 Fig.

K. & Lo, S. (1998) Structural dependence of dielectric breakdown in ultra-thin gate oxides and its relationship to soft breakdown modes and device failure. IEDM Tech. , pp. 187-190, CA, 1998. , Li, B. , Tracy, B. & Fang, P. (2000) Anode hole injection versus hydrogen release: The mechanism for gate oxide breakdown. IEEE Int. , San Jose, CA, pp. 27-32, 2000. , Uwasawa, K. & Mogami, T. (1999) Bias temperature instability in scaled p+ polysilicon gate p-MOSFETs. IEEE Trans. Electron Devices, vol. 46, pp.

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