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By M. Foster Olive

Clothier medicinal drugs and the mind -- Methamphetamine -- Ecstasy -- GHB -- Rohypnol -- Ketamine.; Explains what clothier medicines are, their results at the brain and physique, how they're made and disbursed, and legislation concerning those medicines

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Ecstasy can also produce a mild “rush” or euphoria, although not nearly as intense as HERBAL ECSTASY — NOT REALLY ECSTASY In recent years, a new drug called “Herbal Ecstasy” has been promoted as a natural and safer alternative to Ecstasy that may help with weight loss. Herbal Ecstasy supplements are sold in health food and drug stores, and marketed mainly to teenagers and young adults as being able to produce euphoria, increased energy, and heightened sexual sensations. They are also marketed as an aid in combating asthma.

1 Ketamine was originally used in both humans and animals as an anesthetic during surgery. Vials containing the liquid form of ketamine, like the ones pictured here, are still widely used for veterinary purposes. Lower doses of ketamine (25 –100 milligrams) produce an experience that many users call “K-Land,” which has been described as a dreamy, relaxed state where the perception of colors and music is enhanced, and mild and pleasurable hallucinations are present. Hallucinations tend to be visual in nature, such as walls and carpets glowing different colors, ceilings turning to liquid, distorted body parts or shapes, and many other illusions.

It is primarily used for its ability to produce euphoria, intoxication, and enhanced sexual feelings. Others use it as a sleep aid or to enhance bodybuilding. Still others use it intentionally as a date rape drug. Abusers of other drugs, such as cocaine or methamphetamine, often take GHB to reduce the withdrawal ironic and paradoxical, given that GHB itself can cause excessive sleepiness and loss of muscle tone similar to that observed in narcoleptic patients. Scientists speculate that the sleepinducing effects of GHB may counteract the abnormal sleep tendency seen in narcolepsy that contributes to the disease.

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