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By Debra Dier

Whilst Isabel Darracott is going to London to fulfill her father or mother, the Duke of Marlowe, she by no means expects to be ravished within the library via a half-clad barbarian--or that the rogue could become the duke himself! even though she unearths herself devastated via his kisses, prim-and-proper Isabel is aware she will no longer provide in to temptation--for he's the satan in a really good-looking conceal. .

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But he was the most infuriating man she'd ever met. "I'm afraid we should all grow gray waiting for this paragon. It's far better if we find a way to remedy our situation. " The fresh scent of baking bread drifted up from the kitchen. Her stomach grumbled, reminding Isabel she had not eaten anything except a slice of bread and a cup of coffee the day before. Although the mail coach had stopped for meals, the waiters at the inns never delivered the food in time for the patrons to eat. " Since food wasn't allowed in the coach, she had gone without.

We could never save that amount. " Isabel squeezed her sister's slim hand. " Eloise glanced down at their clasped hands. " Isabel released her breath in a soft sigh. " "That isn't true. " The right man. What would Eloise say if she confided the way she had reacted to the very improper advances of the Duke of Marlow? He was hardly the right man. Yet he had aroused something in her that she had never dreamed existed. "He shall be handsome and rich, and brilliant," Eloise said. " Isabel laughed softly, silently comparing the wicked duke to the lofty ideal Eloise thought appropriate for her sister.

His muscles tensed, as they always did, when he thought of his father. Still, nine years ago, much to his father's chagrin, after the duke had cut off all of Justin's funds in an attempt to bring his son under rein, Justin had discovered another talent. With a small loan from Sophia, Justin had managed to accumulate a considerable fortune by playing the Exchange. Insult to injury, as far as his father was concerned. Yet Justin had long ago stopped trying to please his father. It had been a brutal lesson, learned at a young age, but Justin had discovered that he could never please the man who had sired him.

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