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By Harold Thakurdas MA (Psych), BSc, MB, BS, DPM (auth.), Harold Thakurdas MA (Psych), BSc, MB, BS, DPM, Lyn Thakurdas BA (Hons), Oxon (eds.)

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Schizophrenia is a protracted, serious, and disabling psychosis, that's an impairment of pondering within which the translation of truth is irregular. Psychosis is a symptom of a disordered mind. nearly one percentage of the inhabitants around the globe develops schizophrenia in the course of their lifetime. even though schizophrenia impacts women and men with equivalent frequency, the affliction usually seems to be past in males, often within the past due youth or early twenties, than in ladies, who're commonly affected within the twenties to early thirties.

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The object is to achieve mental catharsis. Group structure Physical arrangement of the group. A small group consists of six or seven members, and along with the conductor are seated in a circle. Growth hortnone Substance produced by the pituitary gland. to abnormally great stature. Guilty tnind Mens rea; malice aforethought. Gyrus Fold on the surface of the cerebral cortex. (Syn. convolution; Pl. ) H Habit Acquired response learned by repetition of certain stimuli. Habituation Psychological dependence upon drugs like tobacco and cannabis.

Flaccid Limp; floppy; loss of tone. Flagellation Erotic pleasure derived from whipping. A female flagella tor is called fouetteuse. Flattening of affect Emotional shallowness which is a feature of schizophrenia. Flexibilitas cerea Condition in which the body and the limbs remain in the position in which they have been placed. Occurs in catatonic schizophrenia. (Syn. ) Flexor plantar response Normal downward movement of the big toe on scratching the foot. Flexor spaslll Painful contractions of muscles in spastic limbs.

Rationalization Mental mechanism whereby ostensible reasons are devised to justify behaviour actually based on other motives. Raven's progressive lDatrices Non-verbal intelligence test. Subject has to complete abstract designs. Reaction Change in psychological state brought about by external events. g. sexual desire obscured by a prudish attitude. Reaction tilDe Lapse of time between the application of a stimulus and its response. 59 REACTIVE Reactive Term applied to depressive illness arising as a direct response of the patient to adverse external circumstances.

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