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By G. I. Marchuk, V. V. Shaidurov (auth.)

The stimulus for the current paintings is the starting to be want for extra exact numerical tools. The swift advances in computing device expertise haven't supplied the assets for computations which utilize tools with low accuracy. The computational pace of pcs is consistently expanding, whereas reminiscence nonetheless continues to be an issue whilst one handles huge arrays. extra actual numerical equipment let us lessen the general computation time by way of of significance. a number of orders the matter of discovering the best equipment for the numerical answer of equations, lower than the belief of mounted array dimension, is as a result of paramount value. Advances within the technologies, resembling aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, particle delivery, and scattering, have elevated the calls for put on numerical arithmetic. New mathematical versions, describing a variety of actual phenomena in larger element than ever ahead of, create new calls for on utilized arithmetic, and feature acted as a big impetus to the advance of computing device technology. for instance, while investigating the soundness of a fluid flowing round an item one must remedy the low viscosity kind of definite hydrodynamic equations describing the fluid circulation. the standard numerical tools for doing so require the creation of a "computational viscosity," which generally exceeds the actual worth; the consequences got therefore current a distorted photo of the phenomena below examine. an analogous state of affairs arises within the learn of habit of the oceans, assuming vulnerable turbulence. Many extra examples of this sort could be given.

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M. 11) k = 1, ... , m + 1. 2. 2 show that the weights Yk increase rapidly in m. 2). For computers which use low precision this effect often predominates. Therefore we will present another method for refining the difference nets for which the growth of the weights Yk is not noticeable. Let us choose parameters hk = h/2 k- 1 where h > 0, k = 1, ... , m + 1. 5) is satisfied for any h > with constant d1 = 1. 12) Yk 2j(1-k) = 0, j = 1, ... , m. 3. 3. It is easy to see that in this case the Yk grow more slowly.

7) l/M and introduce the midpoints of the intervals cOt = {t j + 1 / Z = (j + 1/2)r,j = 0, 1, ... ,M - I}. 4) guarantees that the system of nonlinear equations obtained has a solution. To do this we will give a technique for calculating the sequence of values ut(t) for t = r, 2r, 3r, .... 9) corresponding to the argument t + r/2: {ut(t + r) - ut(t)}/r = f(t In order to solve this for ut(t linear equations + r/2, {ut(t + r) consider the P(x) = 0, + r) + ut(t)}/2). 1. The Crank-Nicholson Scheme where P is a smooth function with real argument.

18) we have I VH(X) - U(X) I :::;; s+ 1 I k=1 (1 + 1/(2d 3 + dD)Scsh'k+P Put d4 = Cs (1 + 1/(2d 3 + d~ »s. lH' The theorem is proved. 13) when the two methods for decreasing the parameter h are used. The first method takes hk = h/k where h > 0, k = 1, ... , s + 1. 15) is easily varified: the constant d 3 is l/s for each h > O. 13) has the form S+ 1 I Yk = 1, k= 1 S+ 1 2j ~ 0 j = 1, ... , s. L... 3. 2 there follows 2( _l)s-k+lps+2 Yk = (s +k+ I)! ' k = 1, ... , s + 1. 4. Note that the absolute values of weights Yk grow more slowly in m than in general cases where the regular part of the expansion contains odd powers of h.

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