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By Heinz Hopf, S.S. Chern

These notes include components: chosen in York 1) Geometry, New 1946, subject matters college Notes Peter Lax. by way of Differential within the 2) Lectures on Stanford Geometry huge, 1956, Notes J.W. collage by means of grey. are the following without crucial They reproduced switch. Heinz used to be a mathematician who mathema- Hopf well-known vital tical principles and new mathematical circumstances. within the phenomena via detailed the significant notion the of a or hassle challenge easiest heritage is turns into transparent. during this style a crystal Doing geometry frequently lead critical permits this to to - pleasure. Hopf's nice perception process for many of the in those notes became the st- thematics, themes i'll to say a of additional test ting-points vital advancements. few. it truly is transparent from those notes that laid the on Hopf emphasis po- differential many of the ends up in soft vary- hedral geometry. whose is either t1al have knowing geometry polyhedral opposite numbers, works I desire to point out and up to date very important demanding. between these of Robert on that's a lot within the Connelly pressure, very spirit R. and in - of those notes (cf. Connelly, Conjectures questions open foreign of Mathematicians, H- of gidity, complaints Congress sinki vol. 1, 407-414) 1978, .

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