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By Robert Sullivan, Bob Sullivan, Denton A. Cooley

You can't reside with out right food, and the digestive procedure aids in getting that meals into your physique. know about fit consuming and the method of digestion with this nice booklet.

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55 56 DIGESTION AND NUTRITION body’s sugar for muscle metabolism and to rehydrate the body after extensive sweating. The stomach empties slowly, about one ounce of fluid at a time, into the small intestine. It may take hours to empty the stomach after a big meal. At the other end of the stomach, the pyloric sphincter regulates the amount of food that enters the small intestine. Unlike the cardiac sphincter, the pyloric sphincter cannot be easily forced open. Its opening and closing is controlled by the amount of food in the stomach and by feedback from the small intestine.

A small finger-like projection of the soft palate at the rear of the mouth is called the uvula. The soft palate raises during swallowing to block the opening to the nasal cavity at the top of the oropharynx, preventing a person from inhaling and swallowing at the same time. TEETH Amy’s teeth, just as with all adults, are her second set of teeth. Every human is born with two sets of teeth that are hidden in the upper and lower jaws. At about six months of age, individuals begin to get their first teeth, called baby or deciduous teeth.

The lining of the stomach contains specialized cells that secrete digestive enzyme precursors, acid, and a chemical to aid in vitamin absorption. Digestive functions in the stomach are controlled by hormones secreted by the lining cells and by hormones originating in the first part of the small intestine. Few materials are absorbed through the stomach lining. The small intestine is divided into three parts: the duodenum, jejunum, and ileum. Structures found in the submucosa differentiate histologically between the three portions of the small intestine.

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