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Get a prey's-eye view of a fearsome Allosaurus, take a too-close-for-comfort examine an Oviraptor's bone-crushing jaws, and spot what it might be prefer to leap, wing-to-wing, with a flock of Pterodactylus. offering a zoomed-in come across with dozens of the main significant creatures ever to stroll, stalk, swim, or fly around the prehistoric planet, Dinosaurs Eye to Eye is filled with striking imagery that brings young children face-to-face with dinosaurs and different extraordinary prehistoric creatures.

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Several plesiosaur bones have been found with deep pliosaur bite marks on them. Pliosaurs such as Rhomaleosaurus had relatively short but very strong necks. Typical plesiosaurs had much longer, more flexible necks, and the Late Cretaceous Elasmosaurus had an amazing 72 neck bones (vertebrae)— more than any other known animal. Ge an y rm Pliosaurs had four long flippers that were the same shape. They would have used these flippers to drive themselves through the water. They swam with an “underwater flying” technique, like modern sea lions.

They were not connected to one another, so they did not form a rigid shield, but they would have posed a problem for any enemy. However, they would also have weighed the animal down, giving it less chance of running away. The bony scutes were tall knobs, almost like spikes. They formed several rows that extended down the animal’s back—from its head to the tip of its tail. In between, the skin was covered with small, flat nonoverlapping scales. The long front limbs indicate that Scelidosaurus walked on all fours, unlike earlier ornithischians.

However, many years passed before scientists realized that it was a feathered theropod and what this might mean—that birds are actually living dinosaurs. many Ge r The flight muscles of Archaeopteryx must have been small, because it did not have an extra-deep breastbone to anchor them. Also, its skeleton was not strong enough to withstand the stresses of powerful wing beats. So it is likely that it was mostly a glider—able to hold its wings outspread, but little more. Fossil impressions of the large wing feathers show that they were broader on one side of the feather shaft, and the vanes were zipped together with tiny hooks.

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