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By James Barter

Hallucinogenic medicines resembling LSD, Peyote, Magic Mushrooms, and Ecstasy have been the psychedelic medicines of selection throughout the Nineteen Sixties. even supposing all of them stay illicit medicines at the present time, the debate over their legalization is still alive between revered clinical researchers in addition to contributors of the hot Rave tradition. (20020601)

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Others report feelings of profound physical relaxation. At higher doses, the physical effects of ecstasy resemble those of amphetamines: fast or pounding heartbeat, sweating, dizziness, and restlessness. Researchers do not yet conclusively know if ecstasy causes longterm neurological changes in humans, although animal tests have suggested there is reason for concern. Scientists hold differing views of the implications of using ecstasy, however. Dr. George Ricaurte of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions in Baltimore warns, “We now know that brain damage is still present in monkeys seven years after discontinuing the drug [ecstasy].

Although users may find these outlandish images entertaining, hallucinations may also be disturbing. The beat poet Allen Ginsberg described one such hallucination he experienced under the influence of LSD: I had the impression that I was an insignificant speck on a giant spider web, and that the spider was slowly coming to get me, and that the spider was God or the Devil—I wasn’t sure—but I was the victim. I thought I was trapped in a giant web or network of forces beyond my control that were perhaps experimenting with me or were perhaps from another planet or were Poet Allen Ginsberg wrote of a disturbing experience with LSD in which he felt he was a helpless speck on a large spider web.

Of far greater interest to researchers than the physical effects were the effects on users’ mental state. Hofmann and others who experimented with LSD recognized the similarities between its effects and the symptoms of acute mental disorders such as schizophrenia. They both include perceptual distortions and extreme hallucinations. Because of these similarities, Hofmann and his colleagues believed that further research with LSD might provide more clues to understanding and treating a variety of mental disorders.

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