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She was once a woman as attractive and blameless as her family's lush Caribbean plantation—until she came upon the darkness of hope and have become a lady. Expelled from paradise, Teresa Francis will be swept into marriage and the opulence of latest York in simple terms to be drawn again to her island, the place secrets and techniques can ignite explosions of political upheaval and clandestine love.

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A colored boy, no more than nineteen, I should think. Clyde Reed. He'll stay at Eleuthera. " "Yes, I shall want dentil moldings. " Julia repeated idly. " Pere stirred his coffee. It was a way of ignoring Julia. "A most unusual boy, actually. I caught him reading my Iliad. I don't suppose he understood it. A pity, he wants to learn. " He leaned toward Uncle Herbert. " Tee caught the whisper, caught Julia's frown. So there was something hidden here, something ugly? "Reed," Uncle Herbert reflected.

Felice for twenty years. The servants said he was wealthy; he had been a commission merchant in Covetown, and now was to be a planter, which was a much more distinguished thing to be. He had money to invest in the Francis estates and perhaps he would make them pay more richly; he was known to be smart. They hoped he would get along with old Mr. Francis. Miss Julia was, after all, not a daughter, only a daughter-in-law. Still, there was the girl Tee to hold them all together. So they spoke. Mr. and Mrs.

Yes. It crossed her mind that whenever there had been an accident, a near-drowning or a fall from a horse, they gave you brandy. Pere kept it in a tantalus on the sideboard. It had a dreadful taste, bitter and burnt, but maybe it would stop the trembling. So she went to her room with the brandy glass, heard the evening-stir from the kitchen wing when dinner preparations began, heard wood pigeons coo on the lawn, and did not move. The brandy put her outside herself, so that she could see herself, withdrawn and secretive, curled like a cat, with a cat's wily, secretive face.

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