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The drug consultant that belongs within the pocket of each front-line EMS supplier this is often the 1st EMS pocket drug consultant that includes the exact info commonly stumbled on purely in a lot better reference books. EMS Pocket Drug advisor is a real must-have for any point EMS supplier from uncomplicated to complex. sufficiently small to slot in a blouse pocket, it may consistently be with you for fast, trustworthy reference within the box. The aspect you wish with out sacrificing ease of use crucial info on a thousand of the main normally prescribed medicinal drugs and greater than 70 medicinal drugs ordinarilly utilized in the pre-hospital surroundings Drug-specific EMS pearls, together with symptoms of overdose and particular overdose administration Sections on road medicines and medicinal herbs quickly box reference tables, together with cardiac algorithms, weight conversion, and harm severity ratings an grand quantity of content material packed right into a pocket-sized reference: EMS box medicinal drugs, normally Prescribed drugs: Classificaton, generally Prescribed medicines: conventional and chosen model information, frequent Medicinal Herbs, universal highway medicinal drugs, Reference Tables, grownup Emergency Cardiac Care medicines

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5 g IV once Peds. ] Contra: Hypersensitivity to hydroxocobalamin Disp: Inj SE: N, HA, allergic Rxn, HTN, hematochezia, red urine, skin flushing Interactions: None reported EMS: Personal safety is the primary concern in cyanide poisoning; primary drug in the commercially available Cyanokit; may turn urine a red color Insulin, Injectable [Hypoglycemic/Hormone] (See Table VI-3) Uses: Hyperglycemia; acute life-threatening ↑ K+ Action: Insulin supl Dose: Adults. Based on serum glucose, but usually 5–10 Units IV, IM, SQ (SQ usually preferred); may be repeated if needed Peds.

Cardiac arrest w/ torsades: 25–50 mg/kg/dose IV Caution: [B, +] Contra: Heart block Disp: Inj 10, 20, 40, 80, 125, 500 mg/mL; bulk powder SE: CNS depression, D, flushing, heart block Interactions: ↑ CNS depression W/ antidepressants, antipsychotics, anxiolytics, barbiturates, hypnotics, narcotics; EtOH; ↑ neuromuscular blockade W/ aminoglycosides, atracurium, gallamine, pancuronium, tubocurarine, vecuronium EMS: Monitor ECG for changes Mannitol (Osmitrol) [Osmotic Diuretic] Uses: Tx cerebral edema (↑ ICP) Action: Diuretic Dose: Adults.

6 mg rapid IVP, followed w/ saline flush, elevate extremity; may repeat at 12 mg in 1–2 min if no conversion, followed by another 12 mg if needed Peds. ] pts w/ asthma Contra: 2nd- or 3rd-degree AV block or SSS (w/o pacemaker); recent MI or cerebral hemorrhage Disp: Inj 3 mg/mL SE: Facial flushing, HA, dyspnea, chest pressure, ↓ BP Interactions: ↓ Effects W/ theophylline, caffeine, guarana; ↑ effects W/ dipyridamole; ↑ risk of hypotension & chest pain W/ nicotine; ↑ risk of bradycardia W/ BBs; ↑ risk of heart block W/ carbamazepine; ↑ risk of ventricular fibrillation W/ digitalis glycosides EMS: Administer in a large proximal vein; monitor BP, pulse and ECG during therapy, monitor resp status; ↑ risk of bronchospasm in asthmatics; max single dose is 12 mg; can cause momentary asystole when administered; not as effective in the presence of methylxanthines and caffeine; discard unused or unclear soln Albuterol# (Proventil, Ventolin, Volmax) [Bronchodilator/ Adrenergic] Uses: Asthma; prevent exercise-induced bronchospasm; hyper- kalemia Action: β-Adrenergic sympathomimetic bronchodilator; relaxes bronchial smooth muscle Dose: Adults.

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