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By Charles L. Alpers, David W. Blowes

content material: charges of response of galena, sphalerite, chalcopyrite, and arsenopyrite with Fe(III) in acidic recommendations / J. Donald Rimstidt, John A. Chermak, and Patrick M. Gagen --
Laboratory reports of pyrrhotite oxidation kinetics / Ronald V. Nicholson and Jeno M. Scharer --
impression of humidity on pyrite oxidation / Sandra L. Borek --
Kinetics of hydrothermal enrichment of chalcopyrite / Joon H. Jang and Milton E. Wadsworth --
Oxidation of inorganic sulfur compounds by means of thiobacilli / Isamu Suzuki, C.W. Chan, and T.L. Takeuchi --
Microbial oxidation of sulfides via Thiobacillus denitrificans for therapy of bitter water and bitter gases / K.L. Sublette, Michael J. McInerney, Anne D. Montgomery, and Vishveshk Bhupathiraju --
Solid-phase alteration and iron transformation in column bioleaching of a posh sulfide ore / Lasse Ahonen and Olli H. Tuovinen --
Alteration of mica and feldspar linked to the microbiological oxidation of pyrrhotite and pyrite / Tariq M. Bhatti, Jerry M. Bigham, Antti Vuorinen, and Olli H. Tuovinen --
charges of mechanisms that govern pollutant iteration from pyritic wastes / A.I.M. Ritchie --
makes an attempt to version the industrial-scale leaching of copper-bearing mine waste / L.M. Cathles --
a working laptop or computer application to evaluate acid iteration in pyritic tailings / Jeno M. Scharer, Ronald V. Nicholson, Bruce Halbert, and William J. Snodgrass --
Time-space continuum formula of supergene enrichment and weathering of sulfide-bearing ore deposits / Peter C. Lichtner --
effect of siderite at the pore-water chemistry of inactive mine-tailings impoundments / C.J. Ptacek and David W. Blowes --
Mineralogical features of poorly crystallized precipitates shaped by means of oxidation of Fe2+ in acid sulfate waters / E. Murad, U. Schwertmann, Jerry M. Bigham, and L. Carlson --
Atomic and digital constitution of PbS {100} surfaces and chemisorption-oxidation reactions / Carrick M. Eggleston and Michael F. Hochella, Jr. --
results of instream pH amendment on shipping of sulfide-oxidation items / Briant A. Kimball, Robert E. Broshears, Diane M. McKnight, and Kenneth E. Bencala --
shipping and average attenuation of Cu, Zn, As, and Fe within the acid mine drainage of Leviathan and Bryant Creeks / Jenny G. Webster, D. Kirk Nordstrom, and Kathleen S. Smith --
Acid mine drainage in Wales and effect of ochre precipitation on water chemistry / Ron Fuge, Fiona M. Pearce, Nicholas J.G. Pearce, and William T. Perkins --
Stratigraphy and chemistry of sulfidic flood-plain sediments within the top Clark Fork Valley, Montana / David A. Nimick and Johnnie N. Moore --
free up of poisonous metals through oxidation of authigenic pyrite in resuspended sediments / John W. Morse --
Mobilization and scavenging of heavy metals following resuspension of anoxic sediments from the Elbe River / W. Calmano, U. Förstner, and J. Hong --
differences due to the season of Zn/Cu ratios in acid mine water from Iron Mountain, California / Charles N. Alpers, D. Kirk Nordstrom, and J. Michael Thompson --
Secondary iron-sulfate minerals as assets of sulfate and acidity : geochemical evolution of acidic floor water at a reclaimed floor coal mine in Pennsylvania / C.A. Cravotta, III --
restrict to self-neutralization in acid mine tailings : the case of East Sullivan, Quebec, Canada / M.D. Germain, N. Tassé, and M. Bergeron --
Attenuation of acid rock drainage in a average wetland method / Y.T.J. Kwong and D.R. Van Stempvoort --
Kinetics of oxidation of hydrogen sulfide in ordinary waters / Jia-Zhong Zhang and Frank J. Millero --
choice of hydrogen sulfide oxidation items by way of sulfur K-edge X-ray absorption near-edge constitution spectroscopy / Appathurai Vairavamurthy, Bernard Manowitz, Weiqing Zhou, and Yongseog Jeon --
Evolved-gas research : a style for selecting pyrite, marcasite, and alkaline-earth carbonates / Richard W. Hammack --
Controls of [delta]18O in sulfate : overview of experimental facts and alertness to express environments / D.R. Van Stempvoort and H.R. Krouse --
Sulfur- and oxygen-isotope geochemistry of acid mine drainage within the Western usa : box and experimental reviews revisited / B.E. Taylor and Mark C. Wheeler --
functions of mass-balance calculations to weathered sulfide mine tailings / Edward C. Appleyard and David W. Blowes --
Oxidation of huge sulfide deposits within the Bathurst mining camp, New Brunswick : normal analogues for acid drainage in temperate climates / D.R. Boyle --
Thiosulfate complexing of platinum workforce parts : implications for supergene geochemistry / Elizabeth Y. Anthony and Peter A. Williams --
Suppression of pyrite oxidation expense by means of phosphate addition / Xiao Huang and V.P. Evangelou --
Iron sulfide oxidation : impression on chemistry of leachates from typical and pyrolyzed organic-rich shales / Thomas L. Robl --
Oxidation of sulfide minerals found in Duluth complicated rock : a laboratory examine / Kim A. Lapakko and David A. Antonson --
Chemical predictive modeling of acid mine drainage from metal sulfide-bearing waste rock / W.W. White, III and T.H. Jeffers --
Composition of interstitial gases in wooden chips deposited on reactive mine tailings : results for his or her use as an oxygen barrier / N. Tassé, M.D. Germain, and M. Bergeron --
box study on thermal anomalies indicating sulflde-oxidation reactions in mine smash / Weixing Guo and Richard R. Parizek.

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Herman, J. ; Mills, A. L. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 1987, 51, 1561-1571. Blowes D. ; Jambor J. L. Appl. Geochem. 1990, 5, 327-346. ; Morimoto, N. Amer. Mineral. 1972, 57, 10661080. Levinson, L. ; Treves, D. J. Phys. Chem Solids 1968, 29, 2227-2231. Vaughan, D. ; Ridout, M . S. Solid State Comm. 1970, 8, 2165-2167. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1993. Chapter 3 Effect of Humidity on Pyrite Oxidation Sandra L. S. Bureau of Mines, Pittsburgh, PA 15236 The amounts of weathering products formed during abiotic chemical pyrite oxidation was dependent on relative humidity and time.

Pyrite reacts with water and oxygen to form ferrous iron, sulfate, and acidity: 2 FeS 2(s) + 7/2 0 + H 0 -* F e 2 2 2+ 2 + 2 S0 " + 2 H + 4 (1) Humidity is an important factor in pyrite oxidation as it has been shown that pyrites weather differently depending on the humidity. The formation of oxidation products is also determined by humidity (1-2). , high and dry), the exclusion of water is not guaranteed. High humidity conditions can contribute the water needed for pyrite oxidation. S. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1993.

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