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Make an econ . -mterest exist in everyone. We know how to do not know homtc system work on the basis of self-interest. We h ow to make. t at does not me h It work on the basis of generosity. But stt'II confine the an t at we 8 houI d forget generosity: we should that, , sway of self-int •Ot exatnple · '-. erest as much as we can. We do results . en we tax ed' . . o lbal\et a~ivity. The • r tstnbuttv~ly, the unequalising · extent to whtch we can do that Back to Socialist Basics 37 without defeating our aim (of making the badly off better off) varies inversely with the extent to which self-interest has been allowed to triumph in private and public consciousness.

The difference is expressed in the lack of the fine tuning that attends non-market motivation. Contrast taking turns in a loose way with respect to who buys the drinks with keeping a record of who has paid what for them. The former procedure is in line with community, the latter with the market. Now. the history of the twentieth century encourages the thought that the easiest way to generate productivity in a modern society is by nourishing the motives of greed and fear, in a hierarchy of unequal income.

Hat being granted, ask, now, why the effortful person who is ~-pposed to be handsomely rewarded expended the effort she did. td she do so in order to enrich herself? If so, then why should her special effort command a high reward? Or did she work hard 40 Equality in order to benefit others? If so, then it contradicts her own aim to reward her with extra resources that others would otherwise have, as opposed to with a salute and a handshake and a sense of gratitude. :lO I turn to the question raised by the third proposition on social justice,:H concerning the "limits of principle on taxation".

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