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The crucial money-making asset of the massive seek, electronic media and social networking businesses is the data that identifies your buy behavior, relationships, and political affiliations. within the electronic age, information regarding you is the electronic you. And so these gigantic organisations contemplate you to be their estate. learn the way the Authenticity financial system will convey privateness for you and responsibility from others – and may allow you to declare possession of your self.

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That would be bad enough. But what we have now is worse than anything that was imagined by the FUD clubs and cookie clubs. Very simply, what we have in our computers now is organized crime. There’s a good chance that your computer is running software that makes it part of a worldwide organized crime network, a botnet. The botnets will inevitably join together because, as we all know, there can only be one mafia ruling a given turf, which in this case is the whole world. The name I have given to this new über-botnet is Arpanet III.

One will win, and he or she or it will win by owning us, if we let them. Have we forgotten the conjectures of Orwell’s 1984 and Vonnegut’s Harrison Bergeron? Do we think it’s all impossible because, well, “it can’t happen here…”? Indeed, those prophets managed to foresee systems of slavery without the benefit that we enjoy of being able to see firsthand how they are built using botnets and malware and phishing attacks and the takeover of banks in Central America. Not only can pervasive slavery happen; it is inevitable if we continue to rely upon remedies that do not work.

Manipulating Your Perceptions 9. Attack of the Assemblers 10. How Things Got This Way 11. How I Learned These Things 12. The Solution 13. Those Remarkable ID-PKI Construction Materials 14. What Makes ID-PKI Construction Materials So Sturdy? 15. Using Public Authority to Eliminate Spam 16. 6 17. The Authenticity Inflection Point 18. “We’re from the government and we’re here to protect your privacy” 19. More About ID-PKI 20. Twelve Parts of Quiet Enjoyment 21. The PEN Component 22. The Public Authority Component 23.

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